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Welcome to Travis Air Force Base

The Travis Air Force base was renamed in 1951 from the Fairfield Suisun Army Air Base to the Travis Air Force Base. Travis AFB is located in Fairfield, CA (Suisun City). The other closest city is Vacaville, California.

Travis AFB was named for for Brigadier General Robert F. Travis, who was killed when a B-36 Peacemaker crashed on August 5, 1950. Travis was killed along with 18 other soldiers in the fire in which 10,000 lbs of high explosives in a nuclear weapon detonated. Travis Air Force Base, the home of the 60th Air Mobility Wing. The 60th is the largest wing in the Air Mobility Command. Travis is the busiest Air Force Base regarding the handling of cargo and passengers in the US.

Travis Air Force Base is located one half hour from the city of San Francisco in Northern California.

Travis AFB is also known for the Grant Medical Center. Medical training is well regarded from the medical center. They also handle large trauma's at the center. Travis is also well regarded for delivering humanitarian aid throughout the world.